Exposed: Fully-staffed forced quarantine camp complete with 12-foot tall fencing and razor wire discovered in Washington State

Brace yourself because it is beginning to happen in America. Coronavirus death camps on the rise in U.S.? State by state?

ROCHESTER, Wash. (INTELLIHUB) — A fully-staffed forced quarantine camp complete with 12-foot tall fencing and razor wire has been discovered in the State of Washington at an abandoned prison.

The outdoor containment camp not sheltered from the weather is ready to start accepting those suspected to be infected with COVID-19 and under orders from the governor are to include people who are not yet even showing symptoms of the disease.

FEMA personnel and trailers are present and the site looks very active.


Twitter user @CoryDunF captured video of the camp and spoke with an officer who was guarding the perimeter.

“Fast vibe help in Washington! where are ya’ll!? Using this BS virus to declare martial law and putting people suspected of, and asymptomatic, and in prison! SOS!!!!,” her post reads.

This comes after Vice President Mike Pence announced at a White House coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday that U.S. citizens can and will be forcefully tested by medical personnel (i.e. military doctors) at any time.

At least one alleged snatch and grab of several American citizens has been reported to have taken place in Lake Oswego, Oregon the town in which the Forrest Hills Elementary School outbreak originally occurred.

It is important that we all remain vigilant and have our cameras ready at all times. Please send any information or video to, @intellihubnews on Twitter or DM @ShepardAmbellas on Twitter.

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We are also monitoring any military or troop movements inside the CONUS as hot martial law ramps up.


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