Exposed: Unions involved in sinister covert operations

Project C.O.M.E.T. exposed


Editor’s note: This article is in no way directed at the good hard-working union members in today’s works force. Some of which I have worked with side by side. Rather, this article is to expose the sinister operations that take place in the union hierarchy and upper echelon.

(INTELLIHUB) — The truth about unions has been hidden from the general public and union workers alike. The real truth on how unions work and operate is stunning to say the least as electrical unions such as the I.B.E.W. or “International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers” are sinister to their roots, with most having mafia or organized crime ties.

During the early 1900’s crime syndicates or mobsters would control local shop owners, usually through threats of physical violence. They would tell such business owners that they would offer them protection for a percentage of their revenue that would be due daily, weekly or monthly and if the shop owner or businessman did not pay there would be dire consequences.

As times progressed the organized crime syndicates got even more powerful, thus enabling them to pay off law enforcement and judges throughout their respective communities. Laws were then enacted that would grant so-called unions the right to assemble in the work place. They used the excuse that the unions would bring fairness and better wages. However nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than a gateway that legally allowed the organized crime syndicates (unions) to infiltrate and control corporations and business owners. Essentially it is a form of corporate espionage that was admitted into law by paid off judges and officials.

Keep in mind some states such as Arizona are a right to work state where unions are not publicly prevalent yet they are engaged in a criminal act that runs hand in hand with the U.S. Dept. of Labor. This clandestine criminal operation is known by the union higher-ups as “Project C.O.M.E.T.”


Project C.O.M.E.T. runs sinister operations (SINOPS) on corporations throughout the United States. They start by embedding union spies into supply houses throughout the region. These spies will tip-off the union thugs on up coming corporations that are purchasing large amounts of materials and expanding rapidly. The union bosses then establish a team to work the company. The team typically consists of a corporate manager, moles, and “salters”.

The union upper then management monitors the company they plan to “salt” or infiltrate for some time. They really do their homework over a period of months, gaining Intel and collecting information on the company owners, employees, etc. Once all of the information is gathered, they send in a “mole”. The way this is done is by sending one of their top workers with a good track record and technical background. The mole keeps his union affiliation secret to the new employer.

This is criminal in nature due to the fact that the mole knows he is officially infiltrating another organization. The mole and all union members involved have to sign a secret union document known as an “Intent To Salt”. Once the mole is into the new organization they begin to go to town, reporting on all of the inside data from the corporation owner and or employees.

As the corporation continues to grow and the need for more man power arises, the mole usually claims he has friends or knows of “good workers” that the owner should consider for hire. Of course the so-called good workers are union members who have signed an internal document with the union. These workers intend to “salt” the corporation in question.

Through laws that were put into place with the help of mafia crime bosses, an employer is not allowed to ask if someone is a union member during the interview or hiring process. This is how they bypass and side step their way into employment. If such a question is asked, the employer will be reported by the potential employee to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, who will in turn, charge and fine them.

Once the union “salters” reach over 50% of the total employees, they legally have the right to organize. At this stage a union official is sent to the company owner to give them a notice that their company has over 50% of union members in his or her force. The union will then demand that the owner sign a union contract or they will pull all of their employees, leaving the owner high and dry,  knowing very well that the owner will be unable to replace these workers in any sort of timely manner, thus putting the owner in a bind due to the busy nature of the corporation that was “salted” in the first place. If the union pulls its workers the owner likely faces the prospect of going out of business. If the owner is bold and decides to fire all the union workers the union will instantly report this to the Dept. of Labor. This is known as “discrimination of union members”. The owner will then be forced to rehire the workers and pay them back wages for every day the workers were off work — just another example of a provision put into place by illegal mob dealings with judges.

At this point the union has tremendous leverage over the company owner as the employees essentially can not be fired, even if they are in a right to work state such as Arizona. If the owner decides to stall signing a union contract the union workers are instructed to drag out jobs and sabotage their work to create a major payroll and scheduling burden on the “salted company owner.

By signing a union contract, the employer must pay a fixed amount of money directly to the union for every employee on their payroll. This amount is generally unaffordable and ridiculous. By having this scam set up and in place the union can knock out small to mid-sized shops diverting all of their business to large companies in the area who just so happen to be working hand in hand with the union. This is a way to control the markets and price fix work in and around the region.

Project C.O.M.E.T. is a nationwide operation conducted by unions at all levels and this sinister operation needs to be stopped.

Unions are nothing more than a small arm of the Global Crime Syndicate. If one can understand what goes on in the corporate business world on a small-scale such as this, one can grasp how the upper echelon of the New World Order can essentially manipulate all large corporations.

The information laid out in this article is only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the criminal activities of unions. Contrary to popular belief unions actually have an adverse effect on their members. Instead of helping the employee, unions are actually running SINOPS on their members. This fact is generally overlooked by most workers who tend to be uneducated on what a union actually is.

It is our duty as citizens to stop union infiltration into mom and pop companies and corporations throughout America. If we do not act it will be the demise of this once great nation. Unfortunately, unions have a big pull when it comes to elections, using their vast budgets of hijacked money and programmed workers to sway votes towards pro union candidates.

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