Extinction-level event to hit U.S.? 2024 projections show U.S. population reduced by 262 million people over next 7-years, GDP reduced by $17B

National contracts to house displaced American citizens after an E.L.E. dovetail with ominous projections predicting 82% decline in U.S. population by 2024

(INTELLIHUB) — Ever since the ominous forecasting website Deagal.com was exposed in 2014 for being a tool of the Deep State by “playing both sides of the fence,” journalists, authors, and others have been scouring the site’s unique data as a way to peer into the future — which according to projections looks bleak.

Eerily, Deagal.com is projecting that by the year 2024, just 7-years from now, the U.S. population will already be reduced to only 58 million people from the current number of 321 million people. That’s nearly an 82% decrease in the human population. But from what? A nuclear war? Pandemic? Asteroid strike? What do they know that we don’t?

And if that is not horrifying enough, Deagal.com is forecasting the U.S. Gross National Product (GDP) to be only $927 billion in the year 2024, down from nearly $18 trillion!

2024 Forecast (Deagal.com)
2024 Forecast (Deagal.com)

This shows that not only is the Deep State planning on the deaths of nearly 82% of the U.S. population, the Deep State is also planning on the U.S. economy being totally bankrupted within a 7-year span, reducing the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar to that of third-world countries.

Withal, we must assume that a major extinction-level event (E.L.E.) is anticipated. And while a nuclear holocaust or pandemic seems like the most likely scenario at this point and is on the minds of most American’s, I have to highlight that the U.S. government has signed contracts with other countries worth hundreds of millions of dollars to house displaced American citizens in the event that the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts. These contracts run to 2024 and dovetail with Deagal.com statistics! We can not overlook this valuable connection I made back in 2014!

WYOMING — Yellowstone National Park (Jeff Gunn/Flickr)

In the article titled “Report: Brazil, Argentina and Australia sign contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars to house displaced U.S. populace when Yellowstone supervolcano erupts” I pointed out how contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars signed with at least 4 countries running from 2014-2024, a 10-year span, in which the Yellowstone supervolcano is expected to erupt, devastating a large portion of the U.S.

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

Praag, a Pakistani publication, reported back in 2014:

It may take up to ten years for pressure in the magma chamber of the super volcano to build. According to Dr. Jean-Philippe Perrillat of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Grenoble, France, “it is the difference in density between the molten magma in the caldera and the surrounding rock big enough for the magma from the chamber to the surface to increase “.

“The effect is the same as the extra buoyancy of a soccer ball under water fill with air, after which it rises to the surface because the surrounding water poet,” said dr. Perrillat. “If the magma volume is large enough, it should go to the surface to rise and explode like a champagne bottle that ontkurk be.”

According to Dr. Sipho Mathetwe, the South African government “sympathy for the American challenge (challenge) to Yellowstone, but we have our own challenges in South Africa. There are 200 million white people in America, and if too many of them to South Africa flights, it is a big problem, even though there is enough housing and infrastructure available. It will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid. South Africa is not for sale.”

Brazil, Argentina, and Australia are believed to be included in the contracts.

Shockingly, this all comes at a time when wild animals have been reported to be fleeing the park from seismic vibrations.

Moreover, it has also been reported that earthquake swarms in the area have become more rampant.

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