Extreme weather terror: The next al Qaeda plot


There is no doubt the establishment is always looking for the next best way to terrorize the masses by keeping them in check through fear. But when will extreme weather become the next al Qaeda?

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Just as I predicted in one of my last articles, we are now starting to see more and more rhetoric regarding extreme climate change as a push to terrorize the feeble masses has begun. After all, it has been recently proven in cities like Atlanta that humans simply can’t deal with a little bit of snow and ice anymore.

In fact, the recent “polar vortex” which dipped down into Georgia a few weeks back brought the entire city of Atlanta to a standstill, catching city officials with their pants down so to speak. In fact the arctic blast was so unusual that thousands were stranded throughout the city, prompting some to even test for GMO snow.

But why would we see this behavior? After all what was different about that storm than others?

My point is that people did notice something unusual about the weather, that’s why they reacted like they did. You can clearly see this documented on hundreds of YouTube videos regarding the weather and snow. This is likely what the reaction the powers-that-be are looking for. They want to introduce a new element of fear to the populace, one using weather to control the crowds. After all, what better way to control people then by terrorizing them with acts of God, so to speak. However, in this case the acts of God are likely manmade–created by geoengineering and chemtrailing operations worldwide.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. Air Force has even vowed to own the weather by the year 2025 and it looks as if they may be ahead of schedule.

Although the following scenario is fictional, written by the U.S. Air Force in Aug. 1996, we can only assume that the current enemy is the American populace.


Imagine that in 2025 the US is fighting a rich, but now consolidated, politically powerful drug cartel in South America. The cartel has purchased hundreds of Russian-and Chinese-built fighters that have successfully thwarted our attempts to attack their production facilities. With their local numerical superiority and interior lines, the cartel is launching more than 10 aircraft for every one of ours.

In addition, the cartel is using the French system probatoire d’ observation de la terre (SPOT) positioning and tracking imagery systems, which in 2025 are capable of transmitting near-real-time, multispectral imagery with 1 meter resolution. The US wishes to engage the enemy on an uneven playing field in order to exploit the full potential of our aircraft and munitions.

Meteorological analysis reveals that equatorial South America typically has afternoon thunderstorms on a daily basis throughout the year. Our intelligence has confirmed that cartel pilots are reluctant to fly in or near thunderstorms. Therefore, our weather force support element (WFSE), which is a part of the commander in chief’s (CINC) air operations center (AOC), is tasked to forecast storm paths and trigger or intensify thunderstorm cells over critical target areas that the enemy must defend with their aircraft. Since our aircraft in 2025 have all-weather capability, the thunderstorm threat is minimal to our forces, and we can effectively and decisively control the sky over the target. The WFSE has the necessary sensor and communication capabilities to observe, detect, and act on weather-modification requirements to support US military objectives.

These capabilities are part of an advanced battle area system that supports the war-fighting CINC.

In our scenario, the CINC tasks the WFSE to conduct storm intensification and concealment operations. The WFSE models the atmospheric conditions to forecast, with 90 percent confidence, the likelihood of successful modification using airborne cloud generation and seeding. In 2025, uninhabited aerospace vehicles (UAV) are routinely used for weather-modification operations. By cross-referencing desired attack times with wind and thunderstorm forecasts and the SPOT satellite’s projected orbit, the WFSE generates mission profiles for each UAV. The WFSE guides each UAV using near-real-time information from a networked sensor array. Prior to the attack, which is coordinated with forecasted weather conditions, the UAVs begin cloud generation and seeding operations. UAVs disperse a cirrus shield to deny enemy visual and infrared (IR) surveillance.

Simultaneously, microwave heaters create localized scintillation to disrupt active sensing via synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems such as the commercially available Canadian search and rescue satellite-aided tracking (SARSAT) that will be widely available in 2025. Other cloud seeding operations cause a developing thunderstorm to intensify over the target, severely limiting the enemy’s capability to defend. The WFSE monitors the entire operation in real-time and notes the successful completion of another very important but routine weather-modification mission.

Now some, including myself, wonder if this technology can be used to create harsh polar-like conditions where such extreme weather is not typically common. For myself, I really don’t even wonder as I know the possibilities are endless–because man is already playing God.

Recently, in an amazing piece of corporate propaganda, Bill Nye (the science guy) and U.S. Congresswoman Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) are pushing a new climate agenda, “an urgency to act” if you will as recently seen on NBC’s Meet the Press. However, to no surprise the entire show works in unison as a political arm for the new agenda, dazzling the viewers with sparkling window dressing while carefully planting the seed.

“We have to look at the information that we are getting from climate scientists”, said Blackburn, going on to acknowledge the work of John Holdren, the White House science czar. Essentially, the broadcast is pressing to give credence to known climate scientists, which has been shown to be controlled time and time again in most cases.

“We have overwhelming evidence that climate is changing”, pointed out Bill Nye, demonstrating how the powers-that-be will be pressing a carbonless society. Once again, humans will be considered to be bad, as what we exhale has been dubbed a toxin by figureheads such as Al Gore, A.K.A. “Mr. Ozone”.

Interestingly enough, the focus has seemed to have switched from “global warming” hype–to hype of “extreme weather” as many records have been broken in recent weeks. I mean why not? Now that humans have destroyed the weather from our “carbon emissions”, or so they say. Why can’t the weather tilt back and forth between both extremities now as there is already fears circulating of a “mini ice age”.

Shockingly, the recent weather is likely a manipulated outcome created in a controlled and experimental environment, using humans a Guinea pigs. Although, we also could be enduring one mean and long cycle of mother nature.

Either way, give us your take–please comment below.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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