Eyewitness to WTC 9/11 attack heard many ‘bombs’ go off that day

Eyewitness to attack: 'My gut tells me they were bombs'


(INTELLIHUB) — World Trade Center attack survivor David Long gave his eyewitness testimony at a meeting of the Ottawa Transit Commission on Nov. 20, 2013, where he said that there was much more to the attack then the official story admits.

Long, who worked at Merrill Lynch Securities Division at the time, said that about a week prior to the attack a ‘strange man’ arrived at work and gave a ‘stern training trill’ on how to exit the towers in case of an emergency which Long said had never before occurred during his 1-1/2 year employment with the firm. Although Long doesn’t know if the safety drill was connected to the attack in any way, he feels that the drill was suspicious and that it may signify that Merrill Lynch may have been forewarned of the attack.

What happened?

“On that morning I left the subway at Fulton and was about to go between WTC1 and 2. I stopped on Fulton and if I hadn’t I would probably be dead,” Long stated. “The first explosion blew out the back side of WTC 1 and scattered debris widely.”

“As I’m basically looking at it [Tower 2] there was first a sound, like a detonation, like fireworks but much louder. I could hear an echo off of all of the buildings, um, like an artillery shell but loud enough that, uh, you could hear it across the city, like definitely an explosion,” he said. “There was a ball of fire that exploded from the building and it spread outwards. There was glass and debris going in a debris cloud basically right at me.”

For a split second Long wondered if he would be hit by all of the debris but there was no time to think about it.

“I just turned and ran,” he said. “Everybody on that corner did.”

A woman could be heard screaming,” Oh my God!”

Seconds later Long saw debris from the explosion on the ground containing what appeared to be a human body which others noticed as well.

“My impression at that point was still that a bomb had gone off in the building,” Long explained, who was reliving the account in his mind. I remember thinking: well, how did they get a bomb up there?”

“What I saw and what I heard at that point, which was now around 9 o’clock, was a bomb.”

Long said that he had never ran faster, especially at that hour of the morning.

Breathless and scared Long continued to run all the way to the City Hall building to try and escape the mayhem.

By this time Long, who was already on the edge of Chinatown, decided that he would try to make it home by crossing the Manhattan Bridge.

“I didn’t think for a second that those buildings was going top collapse. They looked perfectly fine, except for the holes in them,” he explained. [Then] as I’m standing there the unthinkable started to happen. The top of [Tower 2] started to twist slightly and then there was the sound of an explosion again, the same kind of [explosion] that I head before.”

Long said at that point all you could hear were like ‘2 million people screaming.’

“They did not believe that those towers were going to collapse,” he said. “I know that because I heard all of their voices […] it was surprise that you heard.”

“As the first tower [Tower 2] came down there were a series of explosions. It was like boom, boom. So many of them. To me they all sounded like explosions,” Long maintains.

“The military was definitely nearby,” long said, who spotted a jet fighter in the sky just minutes before. “They were within distance to do something about it and they didn’t do anything.”

Additionally Long stated that Tower 7 was undamaged despite the fact that it fell at near free-fall speed into its own footprint hours later.

Long did not see an aircraft impact the tower but says that he may have been on the opposite side of the tower when the plane struck.

The Clean-up

Large dump trucks responded to the disaster and began trucking away debris from the crime scene almost immediately, despite the fact that a terror attack had just occurred.

“The clean-up trucks were there the same day,” Long said. “It’s amazing how fast they all got there. And they were hauling stuff away almost immediately, I mean within hours. They were just loading this stuff into dump trucks and driving away as fast as they could. […] Everything was just covered in a great concrete dust.”

Long said that the site was on fire for “weeks” or “longer” and that nobody was allowed to go near the site for that very reason.

“It smelled like burnt plastic, gasoline, and dead bodies […] the whole place smelled like that for months after.”

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