F-16 Fighters Intercept American Airliner – Due To Passengers Terrorist Style Bathroom Break

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
Sept. 12, 2011

Note: It is very telling to see how fast these F-16 figheters intercepted this flight. On 9/11 we may have been able to stop one or two of the planes had it not been for Dick Cheney ordering a full scale stand down.

Well, the medias job was a success, pushing the DHS and FBI propaganda in full — they have now managed to make it where you basically can not go into the bathroom of an airliner during a flight or you could be considered a terrorist.

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Yesterday NORAD scrambled two F-16 jets to intercept an aircraft in which a few passengers had to use the restroom in-flight.

The following is an Opposing Views excerpt;

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled two F-16 jets to follow an American Airlines flight until it landed safely at New York’s Kennedy Airport today. The reason? An unnamed passenger used the on-board toilet too many times before getting locked in the bathroom.

Afterwards, officals played down the potty event. One law enforcement official said it wasn’t thought to be terrorism and American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said, “In our eyes, it’s a big nothing.”

America, this is what your tax dollars are getting you.

Look at this excerpt reported by IBN Live;

Three passengers were taken off in handcuffs from the Frontier Airline’s flight from Denver as it landed in Detroit, but no charges were filed, the channel reported quoting airport spokesman Scott Winter.

Winter said that the Frontier flight 623 with 116 passengers on board had been put on “flight alert” after the crew complaint that three passengers had spent extra-ordinary long time in the bathroom.

Just hope you do not get sick on a flight, if you have to use the bathroom, you could be a terrorist.