Facebook Android app broadcasts phone number without user consent

Antivirus company discovers that Facebook is harvesting phone numbers through its official Andoid app.

By John Vibes

(INTELLIHUB) — Norton Mobile Security recently updated their mobile insight report, which among other things, also analyzes the security of different Android apps.

One thing that was revealed during this recent update is that the official Facebook application actually sends the users phone number back to Facebook’s servers without the users consent.  This means that if you downloaded the official Facebook application for your Android phone, your phone number was sent to Facebook, and in some cases it may have even been published to your friends list.

According to the report:

Of particular note, Mobile Insight automatically flagged the Facebook application for Android because it leaked the device phone number. The first time you launch the Facebook application, even before logging in, your phone number will be sent over the Internet to Facebook servers. You do not need to provide your phone number, log in, initiate a specific action, or even need a Facebook account for this to happen. 

According to Google Play, hundreds of millions of devices have installed the Facebook application and a significant portion of those devices are likely affected.

Facebook claims that they have deleted these numbers, but according to the report, the problem has yet to be fixed.

Earlier this year we reported that a mathematical model was recently released, saying that Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.

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