Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg caught admitting to plans to censor anti-migrant posts

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Facebook thought police to censor “anti-migrant” posts

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another startling example of Facebook’s increasing power to control public thought, the CEO of the massive social media network was recently caught on mic discussing his plans to censor posts that the sites thought police deem anti-migrant.

The discussion, between Zuckerberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was caught on a hot mic during sideline discussions at the United Nations. Merkel can be heard pressing Zuckerberg about what she deemed to be “anti-migrant” posts on the social media site after which the Facebook CEO makes clear that his site is working on censoring them.

“We need to do some work,” Zuckerberg stated in response to a question by Merkel about what she deems to be hate posts on Facebook.

“Are you working on this?” Merkel asks in English. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responds before being cut off as introductory remarks for the United Nations development summit in New York begin.

Right on que, media outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg claimed that the pair were discussing the curtailing of racist hate posts on Facebook, despite the fact that no actual policy as to what is an isn’t allowed on the site in regards to the migrant crisis has been revealed to the public.

With Facebook’s long history of supporting left wing ideas and censoring alternative media content, one can only imagine that Zuckerberg meant any Facebook post criticizing allowing millions of refugees into Europe would be removed.


As Mikael Thalen of Infowars.com notes, “Only just last week, an article by Infowars’ Kit Daniels examining the pope’s controversial comments on mass immigration was pulled and barred from Facebook without explanation.”

“Since the migrant crisis began, news outlets across the globe have both covered up crucial facts, specifically NATO’s responsibility in destabilizing Syria, and gone out of their way to outright ignore any stories that highlight the criminal acts of migrants.”

The power that Facebook now has in controlling and shaping public thought is a direct threat to freedom worldwide, especially considering Zuckerberg’s detailed hard left beliefs. And now the social media giant is apparently in the process of curtailing free speech throughout their website, all in the name of political correctness and the belief that they are the all encompassing thought police.

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