Fail: Cop shoots daughter, then crashes car rushing her to hospital

By Shepard Ambellas

Trigger happy cop shoots his own daughter in epic fail

(Photo credit: AppleDave/Flickr)
(Photo credit: AppleDave/Flickr)

WINCHESTER (INTELLIHUB) — According to reports, Sgt. Easton McDonald of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office responded to a monitored home alarm at his own residence before drawing his personal weapon, firing on a dark silhouette which turned out to be McDonald’s own daughter.

After noticing that the suspected intruder was his own daughter, McDonald than proceeded to rush her to the hospital in a vehicle running at excess speeds before crashing, causing front end damage to the vehicle.

The AP reported:

Emergency responders went to the scene of the crash and took McDonald’s daughter to the hospital.

A call to the McDonald home Friday went to a recording, which said the number had been temporarily disconnected.

Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the Loudoun sheriff’s office, confirmed that McDonald was involved in the shooting but declined further comment.

McDonald was placed on administrative leave.

The teen is said to be in stable condition.

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