Fake MSNBC reporter flushes out stupidity of liberals with skit

Mark Dice/YouTube

‘We need a White Privilege Tax’

By Shepard Ambellas

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — “The idea is that since the white people make a disproportionately higher amount of money the White Privilege Tax would just sort of help to offset and make everything a little bit more even,” Youtuber Mark Dice stated to a man on the beach-side boardwalk, microphone in hand.

Dice then asked, “[Are you for] President Obama’s new White Privilege Tax for income redistribution to reinvest money into minority communities; think it’s about time we do that?”

“Everybody [the minority] needs a little help,” the man responded.

“The rich [white people] have the money to fund the programs and put it into different organizations to make sure the minority get the money to benefit themselves.”

Dice then told another man how the “White Privilege Tax” will help to “offset” the “disproportionate higher amount of money” that the rich make. Shockingly the man agreed.

“Spread the wealth […] there’s a lot of millionaires with money in the bank that isn’t touched,” said the man.


Another said, “Obviously there needs to be a redistribution of wealth through taxation.”

Ladies and gentlemen these liberals literally think that ‘white people’ should work even harder than they do and pay for minorities to live. That’s right these liberals actually believe that hard-working ‘white devils’ should pay for others to get a free ride.
Additionally Dice noted in the YouTube description box how “this is a parody, so MSNBC’s legal team can cry themselves to sleep about it because it’s fair use of the MSNBC trademark.” The video was published under “comedy.”

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