The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) appears to have political ties to the FBI and may have collaborated with the federal agency on a number of different occasions in the past, at least that is according to a new Fox News report.

This fact was pointed out by Tucker Carlson during his show on Friday when he explained to the viewers “that the Southern Poverty Law Center is an entirely fraudulent enterprise” which “has nothing to do with the south or with poverty.”

“It’s a left-wing political group that uses hate crime designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people,” he explained. “In 2012 the SPLC inspired a shooting attack on the Family Research Council after labeling the innocuous Christian organization a hate group.”

The famed Fox News host went on to point out how the SPLC was mandated in a June court ruling to pay in excess of $3.3 million dollars after falsely labeling the Quilliam Foundation as ‘anti-muslim extremists.’

To boot, according to Carlson: “The FBI has a long history of collaborating with the Southern Poverty Law Center” and it gets worse. In response to a query made by Fox News, the FBI issued this statement:

“For many years, the FBI has engaged with various organizations, both formally and informally. Such outreach is a critical component of the FBI’s mission, and we welcome information from any of these organizations on any possible violations of civil rights, hate crimes, or other potential crimes or threats. We do however, evaluate our relationship with these groups as necessary to ensure the appropriateness of any interaction.”

As a result, Justice Department Director of Public Affairs Sarah Flores fired back at the FBI in a statement which reads: “The Attorney General has directed the FBI to reevaluate their relationship with groups like this to ensure that the FBI does not partner with any group that discriminates.”

Not to mention, Shepard Ambellas’s former-personal website The Intel Hub ( was listed by the SPLC as an “‘anti-government’ patriot group” in 2010 and was lumped in with other alleged extremists, militia, racists, haters, etc.


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