FBI postures to aggressively raid Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers: Sources

Without opening any productive dialogue with the occupiers–the FBI takes tactical stance, reports say

Note: The following information is solely based off reports from sources on the ground, i.e. Talk Network host Pete Santilli and militia, and aspects of therein have not yet been fully confirmed by Intellihub–so at this point they are just claims. (Items listed in blue have been debunked at this time due to lack of photo/video evidence after an Intellihub investigation.) If you can confirm or deny any of the following information with proof please contact newstips@intellihub.com.

  • The FBI has ordered the local hospital to to double or triple their blood and plasma supply
  • Additional medical staff have been called to duty from neighboring counties
  • The FBI has flown in their own ‘combat surgical team’ to be stationed in the area
  • Two FBI helicopters have arrived “under tight security” to Mountain Home Air Force Base and are currently being readied for deployment
  • A NOTAM, ‘no-fly,’ order has been issued over Harney County by the U.S. military
  • A Medevac helicopter was deployed to the Burns Airport
  • ‘1200 environmental activists’ are rumored to arrive, surround, Silver Spur Hotel, according to Santilli

Update 7:30 a.m. local time Jan. 21: Jeff Cotton with the Burns Airport confirmed that no Medevac, LifeFlight, helicopter is currently at his facility, further shooting a hole in Santilli’s claims.

Update 12:53 p.m. local time: Intellihub staff reached out to the Jeff Cotton at Burns Airport to confirm if the Medevac LifeFlight helicopter is indeed at the facility in anticipation of a future event as Santilli claims Fox News reported.

Update 12:00 p.m. local time: Harney County Hospital Spoesperson Steve Howe responded to Intellihub and said that noting is going on outside of the ordinary scope or realm of activity and said that the hospital has received no word from the FBI of any “imminent” threat at this time. Howe suggested to Intellihub staff that we contact the Joint Information Center and soon after ended the call.

Update 9:58 a.m. local time: Intellihub has reached out to Harney District Hospital Spokesperson Steve Howe, who doesn’t appear on the hospital’s website “directory,” in an attempt to ascertain if Santilli’s report about the hospital being told by the FBI to order more blood and plasma units is accurate. As of yet Howe has not responded. An Intellihub staffer was deferred to Howe by the hospital’s secretary.

Update: An Intellihub investigation has turned up information regarding claims of a NOTAM or a “no-fly zone” being implemented over the Harney County, Oregon area to be false at this time. An updated list of all NOTAMs can be found on the FAA’s website.

Is the FBI preparing for a “bloodbath?”


BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — According to reports from on the ground, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has commandeered a portion of the local hospital and is currently setting up a trauma unit in preparation for a future raid of the occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

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“They have brought in surgical teams–they have asked for blood. This came from whistleblowers that are very concerned with the situation,” Youtuber Pete Santilli reported on his live stream.

“They have also called for a Medevac helicopter to be on standby,” said Santilli.

To this point the FBI has not engaged the occupiers with an open dialogue and now seems to be posturing for a physical approach of the compound.

Santilli also said:

“Fox News has confirmed directly with the FBI–the FBI has stated that yes in fact it is true that the commandeered a portion of the hospital–they do have the surgical team– they do have the helicopter on standby, but their words to the news media is that nothing is imminent.”

Fox News has not yet published any findings or statements regarding Santilli’s above claims.

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