FBI requests meeting with Infowars reporter who crossed border in search of ISIS

FBI requests meeting with reporter after trip into Mexico in search of ISIS camps which lead to feature in new ISIS propaganda video

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — In a move that shows how serious the FBI is actually taking the threat of ISIS on the U.S. Mexican border, FBI agents requested to meet with Infowars.com reporter Joe Biggs after his trip into Mexico to search for reported ISIS camps within miles of the border.

Publicly the FBI and DHS have maintained that there is no threat of ISIS entering the country from the border but reports from a government watchdog group have claimed otherwise.

FBI agents questioning a reporter about what he saw could mean that there are some within the agency who are worried about the threat. It could also mean the FBI was simply trying to find whether or not Biggs had found something he wasn’t supposed to see.

Infowars reported, “During the brief encounter, an FBI agent questioned Biggs on what he witnessed while searching for alleged ISIS activity in Mexico, reportedly admitting they fear entering the cartel-dominated region.”


In a stunning turn, Biggs was actually featured in a new propaganda video by ISIS that was tweeted by an account run by sympathizers of the terrorist group. This unbelievable turn comes after Biggs has produced numerous videos detailing how easy it is to cross the border in attempt to bring attention to this obvious danger.

“The video clip begins by showing a giant fireball behind the Statue of Liberty with the words “we will burn America” overlayed.

The video then shows a person changing the channel on a television before numerous reporters are shown talking about ISIS, including Infowars’ own Joe Biggs and CNN’s Tom Foreman.”

Yesterday I reported that it looked like certain government officials were taking the threat of ISIS near the border seriously while denying it publicly which now seems more likely than ever. I also wondered if the FBI was somehow involved with the camps due to their long history of instigating terrorists.

“Essentially we have the FBI and other government sources publicly denying the existence of ISIS camps near the U.S. border while possibly taking the threats extremely seriously behind the scenes. When you consider that the vast majority of terrorist arrests since 9/11 have come courtesy of FBI instigation, one has to wonder what is actually going on?”

Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel/YouTube

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