FBI reveals terrifying number of Islamic operatives inside CONUS

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At least 900 active investigations

By Dean James | America’s Freedom Fighters

ISIS has made it very clear that they will be infiltrating civilized nations, including the United States, for the purpose of committing barbaric acts of terror in the name of ‘Allah.’ We’ve already seen several lone wolf attacks here in America by ISIS inspired jihads.

FBI Director James Comey recently revealed that federal authorities currently have at least 900 active investigations against suspected Islamic State-inspired operatives inside our country.

Comey stated that the number of individuals inspired by the Islamic State is “slowly climbing,” as reported by USA Today.

The Islamic State has largely targeted young people in the United States who, for whatever reason, have a hatred for America. The Islamic State has attempted to brainwash these people into joining their murderous crusades through provocative social media campaigns.

Comey referenced this past summer, when fears were at an all-time high that the jihads were planning attacks on celebrations during the Fourth of July holiday.

“If that becomes the new normal […] that would be hard to keep up,” the director said. He also noted that it was unclear whether the bureau had the necessary resources to conduct the necessary investigations.

Despite what President Obama would like us to think, the ISIS terrorists pose a grave threat to our way of life. We all need to remain vigilant. None of us knows when or where the next terror attack will occur, or who will be behind it.

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