FBI SAIC Aaron Rouse is ‘confident that there was one shooter’ on 1 Oct

"This is why the [1 October shooting] remained a metropolitan police investigation, homicide investigation, mass shooting investigation."


FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse revealed in a recent radio interview that he is convinced that only “one shooter” was active on the strip during the 1 October attack and maintains, “that shooter is deceased.”

“We have certain things that we can say absolutely and based upon all the evidence provided to date, all of the interviews that have been done, all the evidence examination that’s taking place to date, both the sheriff and I are very confident that there was one shooter — that shooter is deceased and there is not a broader conspiracy revolving around this case,” SAIC Rouse explained. “I am confident to say that the subject of this event was alone and deceased by their own hand.”

If that’s not enough, Rouse admits nearly one thousand bureau agents worldwide have been working diligently on the case in which the final Force Investigation Team Report report is expected to be completed then subsequently released by mid-August. However, there’s no question that both the FBI and the LVMPD have engaged in a massive cover-up of the attack and have kept the details from the American people.

When asked about such conspiracy theories, Rouse said he pays “no attention” to conspiracy theories or what people think about him on social media.

“I’m not on social media looking to see what people think of me, ” he explained. “It really doesn’t matter what they think of me.”

“The people who have the keyboard courage to write the most ridiculous memes out there about some sort of a conspiracy — I actually feel sorry for them — they don’t have the information, the expertise or any of the true facts to be able to be espousing anything,” he explained. “At the FBI we focus on the mission which is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution, that’s the job.”

“For as horrible of a tragedy as this was there were a lot of positive takeaways from this and the key part of that is the that is that that the partnerships that were on display amongst all of the state and local and all of the federal agencies working together,” he said. “No turf wars, no infighting, it was working together for a common purpose and we really brought our A-game to understanding the nature of this event and respond to it and help the community.”

Withal, SAIC Rouse recently attended a corporate security group meeting where various casino owner/operators got a chance to express their security concerns and innovations in an effort to better address them at their properties in the future to offerer a safe environment for customers.

Additionally, Rouse said that he puts a lot of stock into the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit which has already released two key reports on active shooters which law enforcement across the country can use and learn from.

When asked if the 1 October attack was terror-related, Rouse explained how the FBI has a “very specific definition for terrorism” and said that “the 1 October event does not meet that classic definition of terrorism.”

“This is why the [1 October shooting] remained a metropolitan police investigation, homicide investigation, mass shooting investigation,” he clarified.

Can SAIC Aaron Rouse be trusted to answer questions about the 1 October Las Vegas shooting?

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