(INTELLIHUB) — The science and technology branch is the most funded sector of the FBI, garnering a yearly budget of between $600M and $800M that is directly spent to target Americans both domestically and abroad.

For FY2017, the FBI has put in requests to increase its technology division’s budget by another $100M, bringing it closer to $1B annually. And now the madmen at the bureau are trying to gain technological access, back door keys, to most encrypted platforms and devices, such as the Android, iPhone and others in an effort to ‘make America safe,” which is total B.S. as the FBI is known to have hatched more terror plots than any other agency.

The Intercept reports just what the FBI has been up to and some of the challenges they claim to face:

The bureau has also repeatedly stressed how challenging and expensive it is to develop capabilities to hack into devices rather than have a mandated access point in encryption. “Hacking devices, … of course we do it, but it is slow,” Baker said in his concluding remarks. “It’s expensive, it’s very fragile.”

This goes to show the direction that the Deep State is headed. Soon there will be no more freedom or privacy. After all, the FBI is already using Stingrays to monitor your cell phone conversations, despite the unconstitutionality.