The FBI is seemingly working against Trump, stonewalling Congress on key surveillance details

FBI has not responded to request for information from Congress


(INTELLIHUB) — Just hours after revealing that members of the Trump transition team, as well as possibly the president himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following the election, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes dropped another bombshell when he told reporters outside the White House that the FBI was not cooperating with his investigation into the wiretap claims.

After briefing President Trump on the government surveillance that the establishment media has repeatedly claimed didn’t happen, Nunes told reporters that sources within the intelligence community had revealed the spying but that the FBI had not even responded to a March 15th letter seeking information about the Trump wiretap claim!

“We don’t actually know yet officially what happened to General Flynn,” Nunes said in regards to the leaks that forced Flynn to resign. “We just know that his name leaked out but we don’t know how it was picked up yet. That was one of the things that we asked for in the March 15th letter, was for the NSA, CIA, and FBI to get us all the unmasking that was done.”

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“And I’ll tell you, NSA is being cooperative,” Nunes continued, “but so far the FBI has not told us whether or not they’re going to respond to our March 15th letter, which is now a couple of weeks old.”


Remember, Comey just told Congress that there was no evidence of any Trump surveillance while also confirming that his agency has been conducting an investigation into Trump-Russian ties since at least July 2016. In other words, he is willing to use the vast resources of the FBI to investigate discredited attacks on Donald Trump but has so far been unwilling to give Congress key information that they have requested.

Can you say cover-up?

As noted above, Nunes made front page news earlier in the day when he shockingly revealed that the Trump camp was indeed under government surveillance after weeks of media reports claiming it wasn’t true.

Writing for Intellihub News, Joseph Jankowski wrote, “Just days after FBI director James Comey shot down Trump’s allegations that his wires were tapped by president Obama, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has come out and told reporters that members of Trump’s transition team, and possible Trump himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following November’s presidential election.”

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“I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, I guess, at least monitored,” Nunes told reporters. “It looks to me like it was all legally collected, but it was essentially a lot of information on the president-elect and his transition team and what they were doing.”

It is also important to note that the same Comey-run FBI that clearly lied about the Trump surveillance is also conducting an “investigation” into popular alternative news outlets in a transparent attempt to stifle anti-establishment voices by labeling them Russian agents.

As I wrote in a red alert report, “In a stunning turn of events, the FBI is now apparently investigating multiple alternative news outlets for supposed Russian connections, according to deep state operatives who gave the information to McClatchy News in an obvious attempt to undermine the growing power of the anti-establishment media.”

“When reading through the piece it becomes clear that these news outlets are not actually being targeted because of Russian connections (there literally is none) but because they were critical of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton throughout the election which is somehow being framed as the work of Russian operatives when in reality it was patriotic Americans who were fed up with the open corruption of the entire Clinton family.”

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Clearly elements within the FBI are absolutely working against the new president in a variety of different ways and we can now add stonewalling a Congressional investigation to the list.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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