The FDA just approved Big Pharma marketing drug treatments to healthy people

By Melissa Melton | Nutritional Anarchy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved Truvada, a pharmaceutical treatment that can cost up to $14,000 per year, to be marketed and prescribed as a preventativemeasure to protect against HIV.

That means this expensive drug will be prescribed to hundreds of thousands of Americans in high-risk groups, such as homosexual men and intravenous drug users, not because they actually have HIV, but to prevent them from getting it.

As others have pointed out, at the very least these people will likely stop using other disease-preventing measures such as condoms which could cause them to catch and spread other sexually transmitted diseases, even though like everything else pretty much ever, the FDA says the benefits outweigh the risks.

But as I pointed out as a citizen journalist for Natural News back in the spring of 2012, if Big Pharma can legally start marketing drugs to people as a preventative option instead of just strictly for treatment, what’s to stop this decision from opening the door WIDE to start treating otherwise healthy people with expensive, risky medicines based on fear of the diseases they will potentially get instead of what they actually have?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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