The Federal Reserve explained in 7 minutes

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how nearly every country on earth can be in debt to outside sources? 

By Dean Garrison | Freedom Outpost

In my world, if I owe a friend $10 and he owes me $5 then I simply give him $5 and we call it “even.”

But that’s not how the world of international banking works.

If you have a minute, Wikipedia tries to keep an updated National Debt List. Looking at the chart is very eye-opening. Yes America, we are still unfortunately #1 and no one is really challenging our indebtedness.

The reason that nearly every nation on earth has external debt is simple. We don’t owe that money to other countries, even though many of those countries “own” our debt. Countries that hold debt are simply like “middle men.” It is all somehow owed to the world banking elite. The elite, of course, would like to keep it that way.

Even in cases like China, where they own more of our debt than anyone, the Chinese still ultimately answer to the world banking elite. It is a system built on people owing governments and governments owing banks. The bankers do, in fact, rule the world.

We hear a lot of talk about our National Debt and “debt ceilings” coming out of Washington D.C. but very few talk about the real issues. Quantitative Easing is corporate welfare
designed to further enslave Americans. We are literally in a system where we are forced to borrow our own money, which is exactly why most of these debt reduction plans are based on ignorance and insolvency. Our own legislators don’t even understand how it works in many cases.

As long as privately held banks like The Federal Reserve rule the world, then people will always be debt slaves. It’s common sense.

Furthermore, until people truly start to understand the world banking system and get mad enough to force their will then nothing will change.

Here is an excellent video I stumbled upon entitled, “The Federal Reserve Explained in 7 Minutes” which should be required viewing for every American.

Every American should watch this but very few will. This is exactly why we can’t get anything to change. Many people simply don’t care. But if you and I care, then there is still hope. We must keep trying to educate those around us.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost.