FEMA and DHS staging in Houston suburb, doing door-to-door sweeps: Report

Residents report door-to-door sweeps in Houston suburb of Spring

HOUSTON (INTELLIHUB) — FEMA and DHS officials were spotted staging government-owned recreational vehicles at a local FedEx facility before relocating and setting up in and around neighborhoods in the suburb of Spring, according to a report posted to YouTube by DAHBOO77.

From what DAHBOO77 has been hearing, people say that they feel it’s quite “odd” that FEMA and DHS would be going door-to-door conducting sweeps and that such a task should be left up to insurance companies.

“They said there were at least eight people on one street at a time talking to residents, going door-to-door, taking notes, and doing so all from these RVs,” the YouTuber reported.

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