FEMA diverts N-95 masks from VA hospitals to national stockpile but why?

Have you been wondering why such a militarized buildup and response worldwide for the flu?

The White House/Flickr

(INTELLIHUB) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and a handful of other three-letter agencies have been going around the U.S. and have been seizing high-grade medical equipment, supplies, and masks from private businesses, hospitals, Veterans hospitals, and elsewhere.

Shady alphabet agency operatives appear to be most interested in high-grade oxygen calendars, ventilators, personal protective equipment, N-95 masks, surgical tools, and other fine items–but why?

Where is all of this equipment going?

Masks ventilators and more are being diverted to the national emergency stockpile and appear to be being hoarded for some future event or event other than COVID-19 as hospitals continue to remain nearly empty at best.

Government personnel, including executives, have spoken out publically about the unjustified wrongdoings and one is pointing the finger per se directly at FEMA.

“I had five million masks incoming that disappeared,” Veteran’s Administration Executive in Charge Richard Stone told the Washington Post last week also pointing out that the VA has reached “austerity levels” at certain facilities.

VA hospitals managed by Stone began to fall short with much-needed supplies toward the end of last week which has the former military trauma surgeon wondering why.

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To top it off, President Donald Trump announced several weeks ago that the ventilators which the U.S. rushed to acquire and in some cases ordered to be produced were somehow unneeded and would also be added to the national emergency stockpile.

Are you getting the picture here? Are you seeing a pattern? What is looming on the horizon?

The invisible enemy is slowly coming into focus

The invisible enemy or should I say COVID-19 in which two-thirds of the population of the world has been locked down in the name of is beginning to slowly come into focus.

However, many factors are at play and the plot will surely continue to thicken and interweave in what can only be described as a delicate balancing act carried out by those in power. Those who wish to buy just several more months, days, or weeks in order to fully lock your step.

You see, the police state is already here. 1984 has come and passed–we are now in 2020 and it’s far worse than any nightmare George Orwell foresaw.

Military being purged of all conservatives, under Biden

One thing is for sure if we know anything it’s that COVID-19 does not justify the current military response in the U.S. and other parts of the world. It has to be something else.

What justifies the current military rollout and heavy police state response worldwide?

Ask yourself that one question over and over again until you figure it out because it’s not COVID because COVID simply doesn’t justify that type and level of response.

Do you see where I am going here? Why is nobody else asking these questions? Are there any real reporters in the White House press corps?

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