FEMA’s “Pandemic Influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise” scheduled for November 13th

Is an Ebola false flag event be about to unfold?

By Stirling Watts | Daily Unconstitutional
(Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB/Flickr)
(Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB/Flickr)

FEMA’s own website says “yes”.  They call it the “Pandemic Influenza Full Scale Exercise”.  If  FEMA or the DHS should  decide to create another fake emergency for the mainstream media to broadcast,  this “training exercise” could become yet another full fledged false flag event.

Since 2001, federal agency orchestrated “drills”, also called “training exercises” in federal agency lingo, have been found to be connected with the causation of  several important and influential American news events.   Is this just coincidence?

What’s really motivating and driving the actions of the DHS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, and a host of other agencies who claim to be working for our public safety?

Who and what is the SIFMA?

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) recently published this recap of the event sequence of a training exercise apparently designed to prepare federal agencies for response in case of the development of an Ebola pandemic.  According to this document, the pandemic response exercise is scheduled to begin taking place in the next few days.

Did you get that title, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association? According to SIFMA’s website, that group “represents hundreds of securities firms, banks, and asset managers.”  They are an investment information group.

What would a professional group which manages investments and securities have to do with FEMA emergency pandemic exercises?  When you donate a dollar to help find a cure for Ebola, where is your dollar going?

I don’t have any answers, but I do know that there appears to be a connection.  I’m just asking some questions.

This page detailing the planned Ebola pandemic training drill,


appears on the SIFMA website.  One of the contacts on this FEMA document is a man named Karl Schimmick, a CEO of the SIFMA.

An overview of the pandemic training exercise and schedule is also found there. http://www.sifma.org/services/bcp/fema-pandemic-exercise-series/.

DHS training drills and major news event history in the United States

Numerous federally conducted “drills” presented in recent years to the public as actual events have turned out to be full scale faked emergencies.  The public is led to believe in the reality of these events via manipulated media presentations.  “False flag” events have historically been popular methods by which governments deceptively achieve specific political objectives.

The history of American false flag events

False flag events are politically motivated in varying degrees. In the most extreme cases, a false flag event is used to justify war.  The creation of fabricated news events in the pursuit of political objectives is nothing new. The United States has for nearly two centuries staged false flag events as a pretense to war.  An informative summary of the American history false flags can be found on 911review.com.

The Boston Marathon “Bombing”

A lot of evidences suggests that the so-called Boston marathon bombing didn’t go down as reported by mainstream media reports. Interestingly, the DHS admits that the entire event was also planned as a training exercise called “Operation Urban Shield”,  planned months before the alleged bombing took place at the Boston Marathon.  Eyewitness accounts reported the presence of bomb detection squads assisted by bomb sniffing dogs along the Boston Marathon route on the morning of the event.  They detected  no bombs, yet one reportedly went off.  The line of distinction between the “training exercise” and the alleged bombing reported by the news is blurry.  Evidence points strongly to the possibility that the bombing was an integral part of a “training exercise” funded by a $200,000 Homeland Security grant.

The “bombing” was then followed by a test of the willingness of the American people to endure martial law in exchange for a false sense of security.  Under the direction if the FBI, police SWAT teams performed unwarranted house to house searches on Boston residences in the pursuit of an alleged criminal.

The Sandy Hook “Shootings”

Significant evidence supports the position that this event also was pulled off by government insiders.  It’s quite possible that nobody at all died at Sandy Hook.  Many speculate that the alleged incident may have been trumped up for the purpose of creating public fervor for panic legislation which would outlaw “assault rifles”  Errors in the cover up are just too numerous to ignore. Sandy Hook, too may have been one huge deceptive government orchestrated scam.

The 911 “Terror Attacks”

Perhaps the largest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American people was the events which took place on September 11, 2001.

More than 3,000 people died on September 11, 2001.  Osama bin Laden was blamed, but it’s possible that the real terrorists are operating within our borders in the form of own federal agencies.  Informed readers are familiar with a growing mountain of scientifically backed physical evidence, as well as testimonial evidence from high offices, that the lives of more than 3,000 people may have been sacrificed by Washington insiders as pretense to wage war on Iraq.

Could an Ebola or Influenza  false flag event be unfolding as a result of this full scale exercise?

Check out the links above from FEMA and the SIFMA and draw your own conclusions. The drill might be turned into a false flag event, or perhaps it won’t be.  The facts remain that the drill is scheduled to take place, and that other previous drills have been turned into dramatic faked newsworthy events.

If American people were to become proactive in exposing the deceptive actions of our supposed “security” agencies, false flag events and their consequences might be more easily prevented. Innocent lives would be spared in proportion as Americans learn to replace their trust in propagandized mainstream news sources with real grass roots information.

It might happen, or it might not happen,  but the truth is powerful.  For open minded readers, an extensive list of  references is available at dailyunconstitutional.com.  If you’re serious about discovering the truth, you’ll be busy for a while.

This article originally appeared on Daily Unconstitutional.