Ferguson riot police wound reporter in attack on protestors *Video*

By Kit Daniels | Infowars.com

In Ferguson, Missouri, Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was shot in the kidneys Wednesday night by St. Louis Co. Police using flash bangs and rubber bullets during protests over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager four days ago

Additionally, the police were hunting down journalists amongst the demonstrators after arresting two prior to the assault.

The militarized police, equipped with combat armor and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, unloaded on the media and demonstrators near the burnt down QuikTrip gas station on West Florissant Ave. around 9pm Central after someone threw a Motolov cocktail on top of a nearby car wash, lighting it completely on fire.

“I got shot in the kidneys with one of those rubber rounds and had two gas canisters come right at me,” Biggs reported. “When I got up, I couldn’t see so I went in one direction and lost [Infowars reporter] Jakari Jackson and [Infowars cameraman] Josh Owens.”

Owens made it inside of a car with a reporter from Vice News but police pinned down their vehicle and shot flash bangs and tear gas at them.

Prior to the attack, police used an MRAP to get within firing range of the protestors.

“You must leave the area immediately,” the police barked over a megaphone. “Failure to do so will subject you to arrest.”

Not long after, the demonstrators on West Florissant Ave. were assaulted.

“We all got split up when a SWAT Team approached us and started throwing flash bangs and shooting tear gas and all kinds of [so-called] non-lethal rounds at us,” Biggs said, who was dropped to his knees by the round that hit him. “That took my breath away but when I was finally able to take a breath, I took in a nice helping of tear gas.”

The police also used helicopters as forward observers for the MRAPs crawling through clouds of tear gas like tanks during World War I.

“They are shutting down the entire road and there’s word that they are looking specifically for journalists to arrest them,” Biggs revealed. “Why? Because they don’t want the truth about what’s going on to come out.”

On Saturday, Michael Brown, 18, died after being shot by a Ferguson police officer, the shooting of which sparked off mass protests over the past several days in the St. Louis suburb of around 21,000.

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This article originally appeared on Infowars.com.

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