Find out what lurks if this guy on a unicycle falls to the left

At least he’s not juggling right?

VIDRARU, Romania (INTELLIHUB) — In case you were wondering what lurks to the left of this unicycler if he makes a mistake, I will have to point you to the 550 foot drop off of the Vidraru Dam wall.

That’s right people this guy is not wearing a harness for safety and is considered one of the best unicyclists in the world.

At least he is not juggling bowling pins at the same time.

Via Daily Mail

The Vidraru Dam is “situated between Frunţii Mountains and Ghiţu mountains, the lake collects the Capra, Buda and some other smaller rivers (Râul Doamnei, Cernatu and Vâlsan, Topolog, Valea lui Stan and Limpedea), with a total flow of about 5.5 million l /s. The total surface of the lake is 3,930,000 sq m, 10.3 km in length, with a maximum width of 2.2 km in the Valea Lupului zone – Călugăriţa. Normal level or water retention is 830.00 metres above sea level (mdM).

The dam’s construction took 5 and a half years. It required 42km of subterranean tunnels, excavation of 1,768,000 cubic metres of hard rocks, out of which approximately 1 million had to be extracted from underground, 930,000 cubic metres of concrete, out of which 400,000 cubic metres were underground and required the installation of 6,300 tons of electro-mechanical equipment.”, according to Wikipedia.