Warning: The video posted herein contains some fowl language.

(INTELLIHUB) — in a video posted by the Red Pill Philosophy on YouTube, the producer explains to viewers exactly why he voted for GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump to be the next POTUS.

According to the man in the video, the number one reason he voted for Donald Trump is because he “opposed invading Iraq in 2003” and was smart enough to have insight into the future.

Secondly the video’s creator maintains that Trump is only “politically incorrect” because he is true to who he is, “and that he’s actually expressing something authentic and genuine” — unlike other politicians who are always reciting a fake narrative.

Additionally the man says Trump has “real world experience” unlike Bernie Sanders and others.

Donald Trump “is going to bring an end to the disgusting double standards that have existed for so long,” the man said.

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