Fire burns near U.S. Capitol Complex, emergency alert broadcast over a loudspeaker

People in the District of Columbia are on edge after a fire prompted the evacuation of Joe Biden's inaugural rehearsal.


Smoke could be seen rising in the backdrop of the U.S. Capitol Monday.

The fire reportedly started in a homeless encampment after a propane tank exploded.

Authorities have since locked-down and secured the Capitol Complex as a precautionary measure.

“BREAKING: Entire Capitol complex including US Capitol on LOCKDOWN due to external security threat, The Hill Senior Staff Writer Scott Wong Tweeted. “This email alert just went out to all lawmakers.”

“Stay away from all windows and doors,” the message to lawmakers stated. “If you are outside, seek cover.”


Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas Tweeted out the following alert message at 10:58 a.m. Eastern Time: “Smoke seen rising from US Capitol and an emergency alert message is playing over a loudspeaker.”

PM Breaking News Tweeted a breaking news alert that shows video footage of the fire.

“The fire at a homeless encampment near the Capitol complex earlier was reportedly caused by a propane tank explosion. Other propane tanks have been spotted ‘laying around’ and are being investigated.”

@PMBreakingNews on Twitter

The bridge where the fire occurred is less than one mile away from the capitol.

DoJ investigates Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Ali Alexander over potential ties to Capitol rioters: Claim

The fire caused panic throughout the District of Columbia and even prompted the evacuation of Joe Biden’s inaugural rehearsal that was underway near the capitol building at the time.

Barbara Malmet offered her two cents Tweeting: “Today’s Inaugural Rehearsal had to be called off. The terrorists are winning.”

If you have any more information on this situation please email with the details.

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