Five killed and ten wounded in California after shooting spree, seven locations, gunman dead

Deadly shooting spree at seven different locations ends after law enforcement shot and killed the gunman

CORNING, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — A mad gunman opened fire through the windows of an elementary school and at six other locations killing four and wounding at least ten others.

The shooting at the elementary school reportedly happened around 8 a.m.

Undersheriff Phil Johnston told reporters that “multiple shots” were fired at multiple locations before law enforcement ultimately neutralized the shooter after a 25-30 minute spree.

According to the undersheriff, authorities knew of at least five scenes where the shooter had discharged his weapon early on but the number has since been updated to seven.

A number of students attending the Rancho Tehama School were airlifted to the hospital.

rancho tehama school
CORNING, Calif. — Rancho Tehama School (Screenshot via Google Street View)

A local market owner named Joe Garcia who was about a half mile away from the incident when it happened said that he heard “a lot of shooting.”

The gunman was a known felon who liked to harass his neighbors.

A neighbor of the deceased shooter told reporters that his roommate was shot and killed by the gunman who then stole his roommate’s truck.

The shooter was counted among the dead.

The population of Rancho Tehama is approximately 1,450 people.

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