Flashback: Eyewitnesses to San Bernardino terror attack claim “Three tall white men did it” – Massive Coverup ensues


 Note: Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas originally released the following report, as well as two key follow ups, shortly after the horrific terror attack in California.

Despite most of the alternative media immediately rolling with the Obama is weak on Muslim terror narrative, Shepard felt something wasn’t right and decided to dig into the story himself.

What he found was eyewitness evidence that multiple tall white men carried out the terror attack with the precision of a special ops team. Subsequent reports and information pointed to a possible neocon run false flag operation. 

The reports eventually went viral, making enough waves to catch the eye of an Infowars.com reporter who went on to quote the report on the Alex Jones Show during which Jones asked critically acclaimed author and former senior State Department official Dr. Steve Pieczenik what he thought of the report.

Pieczenik then stated, live on air, that he considered the report “highly credible.”

Interestingly, this did not lead other leading alternative news outlets to follow-up on the eyewitness reports and they eventually started to fade into history. This fact alone makes republishing the original report a no brainer. Hopefully we can get other independent researchers to continue our research and get to the bottom of this horrific attack.

The following includes the original report as well as links to additional evidence and video reports.

Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’

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By Shepard Ambellas | Email Author
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“It looked like their skin color was white […] they appeared to be tall”, says eyewitness

SAN BERNARDINO, Calf. (INTELLIHUB) — A few interesting details have surfaced regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting dubbed ‘terror attack’ which killed 14 and injured 17 others. One of the most interesting comes from an eyewitness.

We now know that ATF investigators recovered police issued firearms from the alleged shooters. This key detail was leaked by 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina during a press interview after she had overheard a newsroom report that didn’t fit the official narrative.

We also know that active shooter drills actually took place near the crime scene just days before and possibly even on the same day of the mass shooting as reported by Mac Slavo.

Additional details from an eyewitness, who came forth on the day of the shooting, may have been overlooked by investigators and suggest that there were actually ‘three white shooters’ instead of the radicalized husband and wife natural-born killer team portrayed in mainline reports.

The witness, Sally Abdelmageed, worked at Inland Medical Center where the attack took place and saw it all unfold firsthand. It’s also important to note that Abdelmageed is likely not lying and that this quite possibly might be the most accurate eyewitness account publicized to date.

After all how can two shooters, a man and a petite woman, be mistaken for three white military men with athletic builds?

In a phone interview with CBS Abdelmageed explained:

“I heard shots fired and it was from you know an automatic weapon. […] very unusual. Why would we hear shots? As we looked out the window a second set of shots goes off […] and we saw a man fall to the floor.

Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black, military attire, with vests on they were holding assault rifles. As soon as they opened up the doors to building three […] one of them […] started to shoot into the room.”

When asked what the gunman that shot into the room looked like the eyewitness replied:

“I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on […] black cargo pants, the kind with the big puffy pockets on the side […] long sleeve shirt […] gloves […huge assault riffle […] six magazines […] I just saw three dressed exactly the same”.

“You are certain you saw three men,” the newscaster asked Abdelmageed.

“Yes,” said Abdelmageed.

“It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic build and they appeared to be tall.”

In a shill-like manner the CBS reporter responded, “And of course we just learned that one suspect was a woman.”

It also appears as if the suspects legal team believes their clients may have been made out by authorities and/or the media to be patsies, further allowing for gun control narratives to be pushed onto the public.

“President Barack Obama will make a rare primetime address to the nation Sunday laying out how he will keep Americans safe and defeat the Islamic State group, days after 14 people were shot dead in California,” AFP reports.

May I now ask the question: what the hell is going on here?

Watch Video Here

Second eyewitness to terror attack: “Three white men in military fatigues” did it!

Third eyewitness to San Bernardino shooting says it wasn’t Sayd Farook (Video cannot be embedded. The L.A. Times is seemingly trying to limit their own videos reach)

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