Parts of the Florida Keys devastated by Irma’s surge

Military relief efforts are underway while residents struggle with damage, scatted debris, and flooding brought on by Hurricane Irma

MIDDLE and LOWER KEYS (INTELLIHUB) — Hurricane Irma’s massive storm surge wreaked havoc on parts of the Florida Keys Sunday as 117+ mph winds ripped across the islands decimating pretty much everything in their path.

Cars and mobile homes were overturned, smashed, and sunken while trees, power poles, and other random debris litter roadways making them impassable.

Bridges in the area are currently being inspected by officials who will be evaluating their safety for future use and travel is limited while rescue workers make their way to the region.

The U.S. military is currently conducting a relief effort in the region.

The Florida Keys remain without power.

Featured Image: North Carolina Air National Guard/Flickr
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