Florida police give ticket to 2-year-old in battery powered toy car

Police harass 2-year-old child for playing in a parking lot

By John Vibes

FLORIDA (INTELLIHUB) — A two-year old in a Florida apartment complex was given a traffic ticket by police for driving her battery-powered toy car around the parking lot.  The police were responding to another call, but felt that training a toddler to a be a slave in adulthood was more important than whatever disturbance they were called to.

The child, named Za’Dariyah, got no support whatsoever from her parents, who for some reason praised the police officers for their actions.

“Everybody got a bad perception of the police … and the police was real nice when they came along,” said Za’Dariyah’s uncle Keyth Mishaw, who took photos of his niece’s first “ticket” and sent them to First Coast News.

“I’m still in shock right now about it all,” Zumekia, whose last name was not released, said of the attention her daughter’s pictures have received.

She was just actually doing her little driving thing and they [said], ‘She deserves a ticket.  She deserves a ticket,’” Mishaw said of the officers.

We had fun with it and my family had a good time with it,” Mishaw said.  “I want to say hey to the officer. He made a real good something out of nothing.”

The ticket is only for 4$, and the police say that the parents do not have to pay, but this situation is still psychologically conditioning the child to be told what to do by police when she grows up.

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