(INTELLIHUB) — Former Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby “The General” Knight came out in favor of GOP Presidential Candidate and “worldwide figure” Donald Trump Saturday night on Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine show.

During the broadcast the former coach was quite outspoken, and said that “Donald Trump is without question […] the very best candidate for the job” as President. No one else is even “close,” Knight said.

“He’s not just a national figure, he’s a worldwide figure” that knows how to “provide jobs.”

He also knows how to adjust and fix things that didn’t work.

“Be smart, be tough and want to win,” that’s the three key ingredients you need to be a truly successful President and Trump has those ingredients.

“You can bet on two things,” Knight said.

“Number one is, there will never ever be another Benghazi situation […] with Donald Trump as President.”

“The next thing is” we need to have a good “relationship between the military and the Presidency” and Trump’s that man.

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