Fmr. Secret Service agent files “RICO Complaint” against the Clintons, Soros, and others after receiving “death threats”

A retired law enforcement veteran has filed corruption charges in a district court against the Clintons, Soros, and others, after receiving "death threats"

MORTON, Penn. (INTELLIHUB) — Former Secret Service Agent and law enforcement veteran Gary J. Byrne filed what appears to be a “Rico Complaint” in a Pennsylvania court last Friday in which at least seven prominent left-wing political figures were named as defendants under the Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act of 1970.

The 220-page complaint, obtained exclusively by Intellihub sources, was filed with the United States District Court of Columbia on June 16, 2017. The complaint demands a ‘trial by jury’ and lists sixteen different entities as defendants, seven of which are conspicuous figureheads who operate from within the political area.

Persons and entities listed as defendants in the court filing are:

Astonishingly, yet to no surprise, after considering who’s names are listed as defendants in the complaint’s roster, the plaintiff’s personal information has been redacted from the court documents and is being securely stored with the court “under seal” as a precautionary measure due to the fact the plaintiff had previously received “death threats,” as the filing alleges.

According to the paperwork, over the past decade numerous predicate acts were corruptly carried out by the named defendants as “payback” for Byrne’s role in the impeachment of former U.S. President Bill Clinton,” as the defendant has previously pointed out in his book Crisis of Character.

Moreover, the document goes on to state that both David Brock and the Clintons are “synonymous with criminal behavior” and alleges these people have conducted a number of “malicious baseless attacks” against their “perceived political enemies” as a means to “assist” Hillary Clinton’s implacable aspiration to one day become President of the United States, a move that would surely benefit the named cabal.


Withal, Byrne claims that he was “targeted” by the named defendants after Bill Clinton’s impeachment and maintains that the targeting eventually progressed to such a “chilling new level” that it ultimately prompted him to take legal action.

Nevertheless, the filing goes on to reveal how the entire Russian collusion investigation is based on fraudulently obtained FISA warrants and a fraudulent dossier all of which were fabricated and facilitated by key players embedded within the Obama administration.

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Pete Souza/White House

Additionally, the complaint pointedly exposes the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should never have been receiving or sending classified emails on a private server, period, and suggests that alone constitutes ‘corruption’ under the RICO Act.

I think it will be interesting to see where this all goes, how it all plays out. What reporters will have the balls to cover this bombshell news brought to you exclusively by Intellihub and sources?

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