Forced organ harvesting looked down on — Globalized organ harvesting to become a reality

By Shepard Ambellas | December 25, 2013 

In what can only be described as a pick your poison scenario, organ harvesting may soon be a globally regulated industry

Falun Gong exhibition against organ harvesting. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Falun Gong exhibition against organ harvesting. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


CHINA (INTELLIHUB) — Perhaps most Americans are too wrapped up into the modern T.V. fantasy land of NFL football and the newest reality shows to know what’s truly taking place in the world around them. However, rest assured there are some pretty sick inhumane practices going on out there, including forced organ harvesting.

Forced organ harvesting is a reality and leads to the torturous deaths of thousands of people every year. As a matter of fact, China takes the cake as the world’s organ harvesting champion, extracting precious body parts from political prisoners and other choice inmates almost daily in a rather gruesome procedure.

The victim, still alive, is strapped down to a gurney and taken out to a designated airport tarmac for the procedure in mobile organ harvesting van against their will. The van is much like an operating room and is equipped with all the surgical tools and staff to complete the procedure in a sterile environment.

Once on the tarmac, the victim’s parts are then to be extracted and passed off the awaiting buyers medical agents in a nearby aircraft. Sadly, in most cases the patient dies after experiencing unfathomable torturous pain to the body.

However, all of this may come to an end soon as a human rights group named Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting delivered a petition to the United Nation’s office in Geneva on Dec. 9, which garnered over 1.5 million signatures from 53 countries  according to reports. The petition is designed to stop forced organ harvesting and end uncivilized practices in China.

Stephen Gregory wrote for the Epoch Times:

The work of gathering signatures was done by volunteers, with Falun Gong practitioners taking the lead in most areas, but then often finding non-practitioners jumping in to assist. Getting signatures was not a hard sell.

Zek Halu, a real estate developer in his mid-60s, would show up in London’s Chinatown with two clipboards under each arm, one in his hands, and pens sticking out of his pockets.

On the weekends, the streets of Chinatown are thronged with people, mostly European tourists. Halu would plunge into a group and find one person who wanted to sign. “Soon, everyone wants to sign, and then the clipboards with the petitions start getting tossed around in the crowd from one to the other. One can’t keep up.”

Interestingly the petition has already done some good as the European Parliament even made a resolution on Dec. 11, admitting that “the People’s Republic of China performs more than 10 000 organ transplants per year and 165 Chinese organ transplant centers advertise that matching organs can be found within two to four weeks, yet as things stand China does not have an organized or effective public system of organ donation or distribution; whereas the organ transplant system in China does not comply with the World Health Organization’s requirements for transparency and traceability in organ procurement pathways, and whereas the Chinese Government has resisted independent scrutiny of the system; whereas voluntary and informed consent is a precondition for ethical organ donation”.

Although some waves have been created internationally, it is currently unknown which direction all of this will go in. But likely a globalization effort will be implemented, pushing all nations toward one common agreement.

In France, MPs have called for the passage of a law to prohibit trafficking in human organs. In Sweden, Taiwan, and Hong Kong there have been recent discussions among legislators about what legislation might help prevent their citizens from taking part in or colluding with China’s regime of forced organ harvesting.

Nations around the world are beginning the work of building an ethical global organ transplantation system”, the Epoch Times reported.


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