Former Air Force bio-environmental specialist blows whistle on byproducts of militarized chemtrail operations


Air Force material safety data sheets said to be faked, hiding that chemtrailing operations are currently underway

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Former Air Force bio-environmental specialist Kristen Meghan, recently told her story, after she found “large quantities” of barium, aluminum and strontium phosphates being misused by the military itself in secret tests.

You see, Meghan’s job while employed by the U.S. Air Force was to track hazardous materials that were inventoried by the U.S. Air Force “from the cradle to the grave”, making sure that they were not misused in any way and that the chemicals were disposed of in a proper manner.

In the presentation which was recently posted on YouTube, Meghan stated that the “3952” MSDS forms on the chemicals in question appeared to be “scanned in” or manipulated in some way, tipping her off that something was wrong.

Interestingly enough, in a true free-thinking fashion, Meghan managed to do just what she was hired to do–she didn’t approve the MSDS, prompting the upper echelon of the Air Force to monitor and ride her heavily over the proceeding weeks.

Eventually, Meghan managed to conduct air sampling and soil sampling, validating her concerns that levels of the phosphates were highly elevated.

Later, upon approaching a new commander with her findings, Meghan was threatened with a mental evaluation and 120 day suspension from her post after proving internally that geoengineering is occurring and being covered up by the Air Force and other factions of the U.S. government.

Meghan also stated in the presentation that she has “had people come forward who have loaded the canisters onto the planes”, reiterating that geoengineering operations are a reality. She then went on to point out just how unethical it is for people in-the-know, like doctors, to do nothing.

“David Keith” is the “number one advocate for geoengineering”, Meghan stated.

(Image: YouTube)

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