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‘I was just shooting at the tire’, claims trigger happy cop

TAOS, NM (INTELLIHUB) — Former back-up officer Alias Montoya, who was fired for shooting at a van full of kids in a botched traffic stop after receiving limited information from dispatch is now demanding his job back.

It was the first time he fired in the line of duty.  He was “not the type to pull out his weapon for every little thing”, according to Montoya himself.

While the former officer admits he was aiming at the driver’s side rear tire that day, he claims that he was not aware that kids were in the vehicle when he pulled up on scene, saying he thought that he was “outnumbered”.

Montoya plans to continue to repeal his termination according to an ABC report and some around town are in support.

Montoya said, “If I knew there was even one child in that vehicle I wouldn’t have done it”.

Local residents and fellow officers are in support of Montoya, claiming he is a good man.