(INTELLIHUB) — Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is now threatening “war” with America over Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican/U.S. border.

Fox said that Trump’s “words and messages of hate” are bringing us back to the “era of the ugly American […] where the gringo was hated all around the world,” as it’s not appropriate for the U.S. to secure its own borders.

In defense of Donald Trump, I have to say, Vicente Fox is just another scumbag. In fact, he would love nothing more then to let all Mexicans, who hate their failed and corrupt country of Mexico, freeload off of American taxpayers by making it easy for them to traverse across a non-walled border. By Fox’s perspective, if America wants to secure its borders this somehow makes Americans racist, when in fact Fox is the racist and his comments show it.

I got another one for you Fox — you have a wall along your Mexico/Guatemala border; so what’s the purpose? Why not just let any Guatemalan in who can cross the border? If you don’t, by your logic Mr. Fox, you are racist and Guatemala should declare war against Mexico as you Mexicans are most racist. You see — two can play at that game. Your words and comments mean nothing to any American and sound more like diarrhea spewing from your mouth.

Fox said that Trump is the “ugly American” and the “hated gringo.” But again, I have a message for Fox: No one likes you, you are an ugly Mexican. Have you seen your image on TV lately? You, Mr. Fox, are hated by most Americans for wanting free handouts from the U.S. government for disgruntled citizens leaving your country. Your country is in sad shape after you decimated it during your presidency Mr. Fox, and moreover you already failed to give that free handout to your people. Not that people should get free handouts, but that’s how your culture thinks I guess — and if they don’t think like that, because of you, now, all Americans realize how Mexicans think.

Mr. Fox. when you grow some balls and really want to “talk story,” as the say in Hawaii, come talk to me baby, so that I can hammer you like the scum you are.

Mr. Fox the bottom line is this: if your people want into the U.S., they must come in legally and fill out the proper paperwork. You do know that there are countries who shoot people on site for crossing the border right? We could always make a 100-yard zone on the border and declare it open season if you like? I’m sure the militias in America would enforce such a policy.

Mr. Fox, let me know if you want to debate me with your failed views and racist thoughts, I’ll bring you on-air if you like. Email me, shepard@intellihub.com.




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