Former World Bank President confronted over Bilderberg ties

Press For Truth/YouTube

Reporter confronts former World Bank President after Bilderberg meeting

AUSTRIA (INTELLIHUB) — Global banking figurehead and Bilderberg attendee James Wolfensohn was spotted and confronted by reporter Dan Dicks at the airport Sunday.

During the confrontation, which lasted less than a minute, Dicks asked Wolfensohn if he attended “Bilderberg this year” while capturing the entire event on film.

Wolfensohn responded by saying, “I wasn’t there [at Bilderberg]”.

“What were you guys talking about there this time? What was on the agenda?, Dicks soon after asked Wolfensohn.

Wolfensohn responded, “I don’t remember”.

Dicks was escorted out of the building by security shortly after.

Wolfensohn was a confirmed Bilderberg attendee according to the list.


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