Fox host: ‘Bargdahl is lucky U.S. forces didn’t bring him home in a body bag’

A Fox News host piped up recently, saying Bergdahl should have been brought home by U.S. forces “in a body bag”

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — On June 6, 2014, during a fox news show, the subject of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was being heavily discussed. Even Geraldo chimed in on the matter in Bergdahl’s defense.

However, shockingly, one of the female Fox hosts stated, “He’s pretty lucky he was brought home the way he was, because if those Special Forces have found him and encountered him he would have come home either in a body bag or come home and have gone straight to jail. But now what we see is his family at the White House, he’s being celebrated as a hero. […] “Unfortunately Geraldo the evidence is quite to the contrary”.

Geraldo jumped back in, once again defending the U.S. Army deserter, saying, ” I don’t care what he did. I wan’t him to come home and we’ll sort it out here”

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