Fox News contributors call for the deaths of ’10 to 15 thousand people in the desert’ live on air


‘War with ISIS’ propaganda campaign ramps-up full-force

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — “Should we spend everything we have to defeat these guys?”, asked Brenda Buttner, host of Fox News’ Bulls & Bears.

When I heard that I already rolled my eyes and said to myself ‘oh boy, here comes the propaganda’.

You see, after the United Nations Security Council allegedly made demands that ‘all nations worldwide are to cut off any and all support to ISIS’ we can now clearly see the cards-at-hand being revealed, one-by-one. And it looks as if another war is on the horizon.


However this time the war may not only play out abroad as many recent references to a homeland attack have been made in the mainstream press. With that being said, more money than ever is being funneled into the elites private corporations which fuel planned opposition to the CIA’s most recent grand creation; the boogeyman known as ISIS. Oh yeah ladies and gentlemen get ready for Iraq 3. Or at least that what the theme of the segment was — that ‘we [the U.S. military] should get over to Iraq before they [ISIS] come to us’. Meaning that we should again wage war again in Iraq, this time with ISIS, thus setting the stage for another 9/11 style attack here in America.

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If you really watch and listen to the segment in detail it plays out much like a bad soap opera starting with the build up of fear, along with some truth, when Gary B. Smith, a commentator on the program said:

Although we do have “a lot of enemies out there […] the Iraq war alone, the first Iraq war, cost almost two trillion dollars. Interest payments over the next 20 to 40 years I think are another four trillion dollars. Let’s put that in perspective. That could have paid for the healthcare of every uninsured person for 10 to 15 years […]”.

“We went into Iraq once. What good did it do us?”


“Now we are trying to go in again. We are stepping our toes in. This is going to cost us an enormous amount of money.”

Tracy Byrnes then jumped in and said, “These guys are creative they’re adaptive. They want to own and tackle every border they can. They have said they are coming to get us. They are out there mafia style, paying people off.”

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Again, the overarching, pressing, theme of the show was a push toward going into Iraq and maybe even more shocking was the open push for murder when John Layfield, who also appeared on the segment, said, “[…] you have 10 to 15 thousand people out there in the desert that are the worst people on the planet. We could open up our Air Force and take these guys out. […] I’m talking about killing the worst people on the planet. We have an opportunity to do that and I think we have an obligation to do that.”

Another personality on the broadcast agreed, saying, “Just get in there kill them and be done.”

Video courtesy of Mass Tea Party/YouTube

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