Fox News host: ‘Seahawks coach threw the game in self-destructive attempt at an inside job’

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9/11 truth meets football; the ultimate rhetoric to sidetrack the masses after Seahawks Super Bowl disappointment

By Lexi Morgan

NEW YORK, NY (INTELLIHUB) — Propaganda for those with a loser mentality was recently brought forth on a recent Fox News broadcast, aimed at disappointed sports fans to capture their weaknesses in what some, like myself, would consider a full-blown psychological operation (PSYOP).

The PSYOP itself was carried out using a non-abrasive method by imploring sports fans to sway their common sense, or change their minds, by using a false narrative injected into comedy.

“When you see a play that was so deliberately self-destructive the only thing you can conclude is that it was an inside job.”, said Fox News host Greg Gutfeld in a failed attempt at comedy, pointing out to the masses that the Seattle Seahawks loss at the Super Bowl was an intentional act.

“After all Coach Pete Carroll is a nine-eleven [9/11] truther. He believes the government had something to do with what happened that ended up in the deaths of almost 3,000 people. So, I believe this is an inside job. But now I have to wonder why did Pete Carroll throw the game? And it’s in order to lose his job so he can work for Alex Jones. That’s my theory”, Gutfeld said taking a stab at the godfather of conspiracy talk radio.

Gutfeld continued on, saying, “But there’s actually some truth to this. What Carroll did was he thought himself out of the right call. There was an expected and obvious play that he had to make but he chose the more complicated one. Which is exactly what a truther does. A truther see’s the obvious before you. He sees the planes hitting the building. But he chose the more complicated idea because it appeared edgier and it would appear daring and brave if he was actually right.”

However Gutfeld’s analysis was only there to further suppress the masses from actually learning what is only reality.

Despite Gutfeld’s childish worldview, which ignores realities such as Operation Northwoods – the partially-declassified U.S. government plan to hijack commercial aircraft and murder Americans in order to gain support for a foreign war – millions of Americans question the official story of 9/11.

The military and intelligence experts who have refuted the government’s narrative, such as Dr. Bob Bowman, director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force under two presidential administrations, are far too many to list.

Among them, multiple members of the 9/11 Commission itself, who have publicly stated that their investigation was “set up to fail.”, as pointed out by Mikael Thalen in his most recent piece.

Video Source: Mike Taylor/YouTube

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