Freedom-loving Americans overcome deliberate White House censorship and oppression to achieve 100,000 signatures on medical choice petition

By Mike Adams | Natural News

Despite the White House’s extreme efforts to deactivate, censor and bury a petition calling for ban on medical coercion via mandatory vaccines, the health freedom community achieved a stunning victory today by reaching 100,000 signatures on this petition.Thank you! Share your celebratory thoughts and suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of this article. This was only possible due to your help and your voice!

The final surge of 15,000 registrations came today, primarily from Natural News readers and health freedom advocates who also forced Jimmy Kimmel to publicly respond to accusations that he thinks handicapped children who were permanently brain damaged by vaccines are a laughing matter to be used as the butt of his jokes attacking “anti-vaxxers.”

Despite every effort of the pharma-controlled White House and mainstream media to disparage, verbally abuse and bully Americans who believe in fundamental human rights and medical choice, a growing number of people everywhere are voicing their opposition to government violations of their own bodies.

Americans believe in CHOICE, not medical tyranny, and as a result of the barrage of petition signatures at the petition, even the wholly dishonest petition site which commits blatant petition fraud still could not stop the wave of American voices demanding their human right of medical choice.

Vaccine “science” fraud is collapsing by the day under the weight of the truth

The belligerent vaccine industry — whose bought-off “scientist” have openly called for the arrest and imprisonment of “anti-vaxxers” — will be infuriated by the fact that they could not suppress this petition.

Suppression is the primary tactic of the vaccine industry and the CDC: suppressing top CDC whistleblowers who sound the alarm on vaccine research fraud; suppressing Big Pharma’s whistleblowers who go public with total scientific fraud by vaccine manufacturers; suppressing the truth about vaccine side effects; and the systematic suppression of due process for families of children who have been injured, maimed or even killed by vaccines.

The entire vaccine industry today only exists because of organized suppression of the truth… and that suppression is crumbling due to truth-telling websites like and many more.

Even concerted efforts by Facebook and Google to systematically suppress truth-telling websites has failed to halt the explosion in popularity of independent sites that ask intelligent, informed questions and challenge the status quo (that used to be the job of the national press, but now the alternative media has inherited that role in society).

Alternative social media sites like and Diaspora are rapidly rising in popularity. Truth sites like are beginning to rise in popularity and content.

Vaccine fanatics are desperate to shove a gun in your face and force you to surrender to their toxic injections

The fraudulent “science” pushers who believe in gunpoint coercion of medical interventions and the imprisoning of people who disagree with Big Pharma’s medical dictates are beyond frantic: they’re desperate to maintain dominance and control over the beliefs of the very same public that now realizes most of the “science” of 2015 is fraudulent corporate science, not real science at all.

A recent USA Today online survey revealed that 92% of Americans reject vaccine coercion and forced government medical interventions on private citizens. The public overwhelmingly believes in the fundamental human right of medical choice, and no amount of verbal abuse, bigotry and threats from vaccine fanatics is going to change people’s minds.

The tide is turning. The delusion of vaccines being “safe and effective” is crumbling by the day. Every pathetic propaganda campaign waged by the money-corrupted mainstream media and its mentally deranged “science hosts” just wakes up another large percentage of the population to the medical tyranny that Big Pharma is desperately trying to push onto America.

The REAL TRUTH cannot be censored:

• Vaccine provably injure, main and kill children.

• Vaccines could be made safer by removing toxic ingredients, but the vaccine industry refuses to do so. Why is that?

• Vaccines often do not work. Many outbreaks happen among children already vaccinated.

• Any system of medicine that denies individuals their human right to medical choice is not a system of medicine at all but rather the systematic chemical abuse of children.

• The American Medical Association’s own established Code of Ethics states that medical interventions must be made with the “informed consent” of the patient. Vaccine mandates violate every important pillar of medical ethics and only lead to the public losing trust in the entire medical profession.

All media outlets, “scientists,” experts, authorities and corporations that do not respect the basic human freedom of medical choice are rapidly losing credibility and public trust.

Here at Natural News, I will continue to stand for your medical freedom, your human dignity, the sanctity of your own body and your parental rights no matter what hilarious nonsense propaganda may be pushed by the status quo. The fact that they can round up a group of mutually delusional scientists to cognitively circle jerk each other on national TV does not make their opinions factually correct. The Earth is spherical, not flat. And vaccines provably harm many children as these shocking photos clearly show.

Here at Natural News, we are fighting for universal human rights, and when it comes to those fundamental rights, we stand firm on the side of truth, social justice, human dignity and in full alignment with civil rights leaders like Gandhi.

This report originally appeared at Natural News.