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21WIRE first reported on Wednesday the likelihood that none of the alleged suspects would be left alive to tell their story – a narrative which has ultimately played out today.

A number of new and incredible narratives have emerged in the aftermath of today’s double siege in Paris…
(Infographic: Washington Post)

This afternoon, French police launched a double assault on both siege locations. According AFP, “3 terrorist targets are killed”.

Charlie Hebdo suspects, Cherif and Said Kouachi, along with a third ‘grocery gunman’ Amedy Coulibaly, 32, of French- Senegalese descent and said to be the prime suspect in yesterday’s policewoman shooting that took place Thursday in Paris’s southern Montrouge district – are all reported dead.

A fourth suspect, which authorities are still not sure was a hostage, or one the suspect Coulibaly’s girlfriend, a new female ‘quasi-suspect’ named Hayat Boumeddiene, is still wanted and at large.

‘Girlfriend’ Hayat Boumeddiene, is still on the run, and grocery gunman Amedy Coulibaly, has been shot dead.

Like a scene straight out of the Hollywood blockbuster film The Inside Man, the female accomplice, Boumeddiene, appears to have casually slipped out of under the noses of authorities – just as the police stormed the store.

TAC TEAMS: One unit, part of hundreds of SWAT team officers mobilized at Dammartin en Goele this morning.

Earlier this morning (Paris local time), and after a highway chase of what police claim were the Kouachi Brothers, and then what the media and french police were calling a ‘hostage situation’ in the village of Dammartin en Goele located just north of the Charles De Gaul International Airport. Police claim that the two Kouachi Brothers “rushed the police”, at which point they were killed by a barrage of bullets from tac teams. The single hostage held there is said to have survived.

Jewish grocery store hostage taker Amedy Coulibaly was said to have been taking a brief ‘prayer break’, when French police stormed the venue.


We are told that the suspect in policewoman shooting went into a ‘random’ grocery store, and took up to 14 hostages in Kosher (Jewish)grocery in the Port de Vincennes  district of Paris – where at least four hostages are alleged to have been killed by the gunman (although they could also have died by police raid – as is what appears to have happened recently in Sydney).

Because the Parisian grocery store in question was Jewish, it opened up an opportunity for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to insert Israel into to conversation, and Netanyahu has already asked French President Francois Hollande to, “keep up the increased security on Jewish institutions even after things return to normal”. 

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