Freshman Congressman Ted Yoho Comes Out Against NDAA and Considers a New 9/11 Investigation

By JG Vibes & Bob Tuskin
November 19, 2012

The day before election day, activist and radio host Bob Tuskin called into a local radio show where soon to be elected Congressman Ted Yoho was being interviewed.

First Bob asked the Congressman about his views on NDAA, the legislation that allows the governments to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process, among other things.

Yoho responded by saying that he opposed the authoritarian legislation and hopes to put forward a bill that would repeal the NDAA.

Next Tuskin moved to a more controversial topic and asked the Congressman’s opinion on Building 7 of the World Trade Center Towers that collapsed on September 11 2001.

Both the interviewer and Yoho seemed to have a bit of difficulty answering the question, probably due to fear of media ostracism.  That seems to be one of the primary reasons that people remain silent these days.

Finally, under duress, Yoho admitted that an independent investigation into 9/11 was a necessary and noble cause.

This admission came after Tuskin brought up some great points about Building 7 and the architects and engineers who have examined the evidence and don’t buy the official story.

Here is the audio from the call: