Does Friday’s close pass of a 1000′ wide potentially hazardous asteroid correlate with this weeks tsunami preparedness drills?

Massive planet killer set to pass by earth Friday

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — The California Broadcasters Association in conjunction with NOAA and Cal OES conducted a rather oddly timed tsunami drill Wednesday for coastal regions in Southern and Central California.

In fact the drill, which officials said in some cases didn’t even include the word “test”, confused residents, and came near the end of California Tsunami Preparedness Week just ahead of an approaching 1000 foot wide killer asteroid that’s set to graze earth on Friday at a a safe distance of 2,779,894 miles.

However despite the fact that NASA and other agencies have already reported the potentially hazardous asteroid will make a safe pass on Friday, by a little over 11 lunar distances, tsunami response drills were conducted this week in various regions around the globe including “Alaska, California, CNMI, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands”, according to Cal OAS and other sources, possibly relating directly with 2014-YB35’s coming pass on Friday.

And for you worry warts out there it may be important to note that the massive space rock will be moving at an estimated 23,000 mph and would release the kinetic energy of 2,500,000 Hiroshima blasts if it struck our planet at any given point on Friday likely killing all plant and animal life on the earth’s face.

So the question is: do you trust your officials?

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