From Chantilly: The latest action outside the Bilderberg confab

Hot temperatures make for an eventful day outside the Bilderberg confab

(INTELLIHUB) — This year’s Bilderberg meeting will carry on thru Sunday inside the gates of the ultra plush Westfield’s Marriott confab retreat in Chantilly, Virginia, where over 120 of the world’s most prominent people of influence will discuss their agenda while scores of Trump supporters, protesters, and independent media congregate outside the property.

Partly sunny skies, hot and humid temperatures made for an interesting day as bullhorners relentlessly hammered the conference room side of the building with blaring sound-waves.

“9/11 was an inside job,” one man with a bullhorn repeated again and again like a broken record.

The crowd was diverse. Everyone seemed to have their own story about why they were there — their personal reasoning.

Although the turnout was substantially lower than in 2012 when the Bilderbergers last met at the very same hotel — the crowd seemed vibrant thanks to one Infowars reporter who kept energies up by rallying the crowd on several occasions.

“I look at this crowd and I see faces of all different backgrounds, faces of all different ages, faces of all different races — I even have a frog up here okay,” Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer said aloud. “So if this isn’t unity I don’t know what is.”

The outspoken reporter reiterated that the people who showed up in support are from ‘all walks of life’ and not just one.

The gathering outside of the fence also became a platform for some, like Ava Brzezinski, who wanted to get her message across to others. The former C.F.O. said that she is concerned that fluoride is being put into our water supply and wants to help inform others of the dangers.

A lot was going on throughout the day. At one point things perked up. Protesters could be heard chanting: “CNN is ISIS, CNN is ISIS, CNN is ISIS […].”

I’m not sure but maybe they didn’t get the Infowars $200K contest memo which indicates that you have to get the phrase “CNN is ISIS” on mainstream for it to be a valid entry, not livestream, and that it has to be printed on a “sign” or a “t-shirt,” according to the official rules posted at

Things got even spunkier when social media guru Jack Posobiec got into a verbal argument with a tried and true O.G. of the movement Jason “The Infowarrior” Bermas.

It all started when the hardened infowarrior and producer of top documentary films Loose Change and SHADE inadvertently questioned Posobiac ‘if there could potentially be any collusion between members of the Bilderberg Group and members of the Trump Administration.’ Keeping him honest, the filmmaker and former radio talk show host said that there is no way to know anything to the contrary because the entire meeting is kept secret from the public.

“None of us are privy to what’s going on in there,” Bermas said.

Although Bermas maintains that Trump has done some great things, he said that the situation is fluent and is still a “mixed bag.”

“I don’t agree with his imminent domain stance,” the Infowarrior said.

Jack Posobiec fired back at Bermas through his bullhorn in an attempt to overpower the alternative media O.G. which in turn stirred up the proverbial hornets nest.

Posobiec was later pulled aside and grilled by livestreamer Leigh Stewy who agreed with several of Jason Bermas’ original points.

Both of the personalities said publicly that they did not recognize each other and that they did not know of each other.

Bermas produced the hit documentary film “SHADE” with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas in 2013 which has been viewed by millions of people in aggregate.


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