Fuel Rods Exposed – U.S. Ships Conduct Full Radiation Decontamination of Crew – Crisis In Japan Ensues

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
March 14, 2011

Fukushima reactor No. 2 has suffered an explosion (Level 4 incident) typical of a high energy release and the fuel rods are now fully exposed according to the news source Jiji who had quoted the plant operator.

The Japanese government is quickly loosing credibility with the people as a meltdown is assumed imminent at this point.

Nuclear fallout is in the air. Karl Rove stated on Fox News Monday that the Japanese government had announced 144 mR/hr readings locally. This low number could be skewed in an attempt to calm the masses (100 mR/hr is considered high RAD).

Seawater is being pumped into the reactor in a last ditch effort to prolong the situation.

Photo: Aljazeera

The U.S. military has been instructed to pull back assets including ships further to a safe distance due to radiation exposure.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is fleeing the area and performing full nuclear decontamination scrub downs of the crew due to the explosion and radioactive release. They were 100 miles out from the reactor when radiation detection alarms sounded. 17 crew have been treated for contamination.

Disaster on land ensues as millions struggle to find food and a safe haven.

Swarms of earthquakes and increased seismic activity move south as the earths crust is literally grinding and ripping open.

More tsunami’s are anticipated as a 10 footer was spotted yesterday in the region.

Economic worries play in as the NIKKEI (Asian Market) plunged over 6 points on the first day of trading since the disaster.