BASTROP, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Photos taken by Joe Carey last Friday, in a Lowe’s parking lot reveal something rather suspicious.

A fully armored surveillance truck, equipped with surveillance electronics and stabilizer bars, that is sitting stationary, with its stabilizers extended as if it’s in operation.

Posted by Joe Carey on Friday, February 12, 2016

It’s not yet known if this is part of an upcoming variant of JADE HELM or UWEX16 exercises, as Bastrop was a scene of the JADE HELM 15 games.

Reader update:

I don’t see any indications of any armor on it. It has smooth walls with no welds or rivets so the box appears to be the typical fiberglass, foam or pvc core, sandwich wall, similar to any RV/motor home. Kevlar is often used in in the making of these walls for strength but the Kevlar is too thin to offer any ballistic protection. If the walls were thick enough Kevlar to be considered armored, the box would be much shorter in height due to overweight problems along with being far to top heavy causing stability problems. The weight on this size box if armored would not be supported by a single rear axle and would have a tandem or duel rear axle. When we had ours built we looked very seriously into adding ballistic protection 4′ up the walls. The weight far exceeded the rating of the tires on a single rear axle. The window on the box side is also typical to an expedition vehicle, recessed for protection from tree branches and such. If it were armored glass it would have a lip around it and would be flush with the sidewall. Also the rear storage compartment door would have some type of lip around it. If this had been covertly armored it would be a tandem rear axle as covert armor adds so much more weight than standard external armor. Looking at what you can see of the cab, it is either a Unimog U500 or a MAN chassis. It also shows no sign of armoring. The stabilizers are standard on all RV/motor home, and expedition vehicles. If you look at an RV in a Walmart parking lot or Rest Area you will see most have their stabilizers down to take the suspension out of play while parked.

How the walls are joined at the corners is the same method as what Mike at Global X uses. That does not say it was manufactured i the US by them. UICAT in Germany is the largest maker of vehicles of this type but there are several small manufactures around the world that build these. These are basically an off road motor home and as you can guess are very costly, ranging in price from 125,000. to over a million dollars. It is not uncommon for people that own these to ship them from continent to continent, then travel it from one end to the other. Owners of these are usually very unique and not the standard type sheeple.

Taking the above into account along with this is not the best type vehicle to be used in any type of covert operation, I would give it a 99.9% certainty it is a privately owned unit dry camping for the day where supplies are handy. We have done this multiple time with our U500 expedition vehicle. 

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