Gas now cheaper than soda and sparkling water

It’s amazing that Americans are willing to pay more for soft drinks than gas

(INTELLIHUB) — As we all know prices at the pump have plummeted, going lower than $2.00 a gallon in most cities across America.

However, it may shock you that you are paying more for sparkling water and soft drinks, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, than gas. A whole lot more.

But I’m sure that wont stop soda drinkers from paying a premium.

In fact Mark Perry with the American Enterprise Institute was quoted saying, “It’s something of a miracle and an amazing blessing that gasoline is so cheap, and something we should all stop and appreciate the next time we stop at the pump and fill up our cars with one of the cheapest consumer liquids on the planet, perhaps while drinking some $28 per gallon Red Bull!”

So take advantage of those gas prices while you can as no one knows how long they may last.