‘Gas shortage’ plagues Texas cities as stations run dry

Texas residents face future Mad Max-like scenario — pumps with no gas

(INTELLIHUB) — Texas cities like Austin and Dallas are now starting to experience what people are dubbing a ‘gas shortage’ with long lines and in some cases dry pumps.

Although the shortages are most-likely being caused from the storm’s crippling of critical oil refineries, some are not so sure and feel that the crisis may be orchestrated. Either way the result is the same — long lines at the pumps and no gas at some stations altogether.

In Austin today there were long lines at Riverside Chevron on S. Congress Ave. where gas is expected to run out completely by nightfall.

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas tweeted: #Gasshortage in #Austin.”

North of Austin, in Dallas, there were long lines at the pumps as well.

Tom Fougerousse tweeted: “Pretty epic line for gas today in Dallas at the Costco #Gasshortage.”

And 40-minute waits!

One station in “Garland” is allegedly charging over $8 a gallon!

A little humor…

Laura Giles jokingly predicts the near future for “North Texas.”


However, some say that the so-called “gas shortage” may be engineered.

Hannah Lee tweeted: “Is there a legitimate gas shortage, or have we just made a gas shortage because everyone panicked? #dallas #Gasshortage.”

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