Gears of War Turn: Globalist Might Resort to ‘Plan B’

The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas
March 15, 2012

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has signaled to the public and his globalist minions to essentially expect Israel to launch an attack on Iran.

This rhetoric is clear.

Kissinger was quoted by CNN as saying;

“I am very uneasy with the so-called intelligence report that say we don’t know whether they are actually working on nuclear weapons…

….I think we should start from the premise that they are undergoing all this in order to achieve a military capability. I don’t think that is a disputable point.”

Kissinger is talking preemptively in context, spouting war mongering propaganda to the masses.

Meanwhile, President Obama has been under fire lately via the press in more ways than one.

The major issues are the impeachment proceedings moving forward against the President for launching undeclared wars and the new announcement by Sheriff Joe Arpaio that the Presidents birth certificate and social service card have be criminally investigated and are believed to be fraudulent both by Arizona law enforcement and independent researchers.

This comes as no surprise due to Obama’s CIA connections, which were originally brought to light by Rev. James D. Manning of Atlah Ministries in New York and covered by The Intellihub.

In an interview on Tru News (starting at 18:00 into the clip) with a man only known as Al (to hide his identity for protection purposes) dropped some startling information on President Barack H. Obama.

According to the interview, the man known only as Al is a debt collector who actually voted for Obama.

During a recent skip tracing procedure that AL ran on a (client) Chicago debtor (a procedure carried out to verify data on the client; i.e. addresses, phone numbers, friends, social security numbers, etc.), Al came across an ominous discovery when pulling the clients data on a computer. Michelle Obama pulled up (on the computer) as the debtors neighbor back in the 90’s.

Out of curiosity Al clicked on Michelle Obamas name (link) and this allegedly pulled up Barack Obama’s Chicago home address of 5046 S. Greenwood Ave, strangely enough owned by Obama’s accountant (according to AL).

Also allegedly displayed in Barack Obama’s file was the allias name of Harrison J. Bounel.

Upon further investigation, 6 different pin #’s in 6 years were assigned to the property — along with other evidence, Al believes that this type of behavior signifies a multi layered real estate finance transaction.

The social security number 042-68-445 also allegedly appeared in Obama’s file.

The file also allegedly showed trusts and a $1.2 million loan taken out from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

If all the allegations are true — this suggests real estate fraud at minimum, and the possible fact that Obama’s house is a CIA safe house.

52 former addresses of Obama allegedly popped up as well.

Once the info starts slipping through the mainstream cracks, it could force the globalists to go with plan B.

A staged attack on American soil to justify a new war with Iran.